"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Monday, January 7, 2013

New blog + shop!

This past january i started a brand new blog! 

It has themes, goals, plans, and i looooove it so much already! 
If you haven't checked it out, you should. Especially since that is where I'll be posting from now on. ;)
you can find my blog at www.greentreesredroses.blogspot.com and the shop at www.greentreesredroses.storenvy.com

Today I am so so so so very excited to announce the official launch of our little store!

 Positive apparel for everyone - helping each of us promote love, kindness, and good vibes everywhere we go!

This shop was created for many reasons.
I want to share my 365 projects in a big way,
I need an extra income to accomplish my {biggest dream ever},
I love seeing something I've helped create, on people I don't even know,
and I love seeing how happy it can make people!

We sell positive apparel that speaks out loud about our 365 Projects.
This year our focus is simple, but powerful.
It's GOOD to be NICE.

Everything you find in our shop is made to inspire you and everyone around you.
Inspire you to be a voice for the common good,
to make a difference everywhere you can.
to be.. well, nice!

Pre-order now and recieve your stuff very first - all orders go out no later than Febuary 1st!
Bonus - this stuff is awesome!
Second, even cooler bonus? We're doing a MAJOR give-a-way to help us celebrate this specail day!
Winner will recieve a FREE item of THEIR choice.
but wait.. it gets better..
There will be THREE winners! Extra chances to win, baby! 
{Be sure to check out the rest of our items in the store - these are just sneak peeks!}


How to enter:
1 - you must be a follower of this blog (it's easy!)
2 - you must like our facebook page 
3- you must leave a comment on this post with your name and how many entries you get

Options to get extra entries: 
1 - follow me on instagram - and repost the picture of our positive apparel (be sure to tag me! - link on the sidebar )
2 - share a link to our blog on facebook
3 - share a link to our store on facebook

That's a total of four entries! 
remember you must come back here to leave a comment telling each entry you participated in - Thank you!
Give-a-way ends 1/14/13